Unity Game Developer

Bienmar Plata

With 3 years of experience, working alongside Big Giant Games, a leading game publisher in the Philippines with a user base of 30 million, I have gained valuable insight into the game development industry and created high-quality games.

My enthusiasm for game development has fuelled me to launch independent games under Battle Bee Game Studio, while simultaneously completing several freelance projects for my school. My ultimate goal is to create captivating gaming experiences that engage players.

Prison Escape Puzzle

Escape puzzle game with 30 million downloads. Solve puzzles and find items that will aid you in your escape. Visit Big Giant Games for more info.

Relax Block

Roll your way to relaxation and conquer obstacles in this cube-rolling strategy game. Teleport, switch players, and ride moving blocks to reach your goal while avoiding enemies and overcoming challenges.

Download on Google Play

Study with Me

Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning experience with Study With Me, a VR game designed for children.

Polar Slide

Challenge your reflexes, swipe in the opposite direction to stay in the game.

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Vax Protect

Team up with a brave doctor and fight deadly diseases. Be the hero the world needs!

Puzzle Juego

Get your brain working with a variety of puzzles, including Fill in the Blank, Crosswords, Guess the Words, and more!

Grave Nights

Survive through the night and battle hordes of supernatural enemies in this heart-pumping FPS horror game. Close the graves to reduce enemy spawns and aim to last until sunrise or the clock hits 7:00.

Co Wreck It

Challenge your gaming skills! Fight off monsters and boost your power by answering tough questions.

Games in Development / Other Projects